C Language, C++ Language Coaching

We offer Job Oriented C & C++ Language Training. We are giving Professional Training in Jalandhar since 2000. We teach you in such a way that you get placed in companies in 1st attempt. Teaching is imparted with our specialized notes which makes learning easy and interesting. We focus on Concepts Based Practical Training rather than cramming or theory. We also cover interview questions, quiz questions, Notes, Coding, etc.

What is C Language?

C is general purpose programming language. C language is a programming language used to develop system software. C language includes simple set of key words, clean style, and low-level access to memory. We can say it the “God” of any programming language.

Contents of C Languages
Variables & Constant
Operators & Expressionas

  • Control Statement
  • Looping Statement
  • Jumping Statement

  • Array Introduction
  • Sorting & Searching in Array
  • Inserting & Deletion elements
  • Double Dimensional Array

  • Introduction
  • Inbuild Function of String
  • Other Concepts of String

  • Introduction
  • Structure with Array
  • Other Concepts of Array

  • Introduction
  • Call by reference / Address
  • Pointer with array & String
  • Other Concepts of Array

  • Read / write in files
  • File handling with structure
  • And many more

What is C++ ?

C++ is an general purpose object-oriented programming (OOP) language. C++ is extension to C language. C++ language is considered as intermediate-level programming language as it contains both low-level & high-level programming language features.

C++ language is pronounced as “See-Plus-Plus”.

  • Classes with Array
  • Passing value to class function
  • Scope Resolution

  • Default Constructor
  • Parameterize Constructor
  • Copy Constructor

  • Single level Inheritance
  • Multi level Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Tree level Inheritance
  • Hybrid Inheritance

  • Pointers with Array
  • Pointers with String
  • Pointers with Structure
  • Pointers with classes
  • Dynamic Memory Location

  • Compile time polymorphism
  • Function Overloading
  • Constructor Overloading
  • Operator Overloading
  • Run time Polymorphism
  • Static Binding
  • Dynamic Binding
  • Virtual function
  • Abstract classes

  • Read / write in files
  • File handling with structure
  • And many more

Friend Fuction & Class
Expection Handling
Type Coversion
Function & Class Template
File Handling

Why Learn From GTB?

As we are one of the oldest & well reputed computer training institute in Jalandhar. We are providing the computer training from the last 23+ years. We appointed well qualified & expert trainers for our student. Who are passionate towards their work. C & C++ programming is base of any programming language. So, this become mandatory to learn the concept of C & C++ properly. Our trainers have hands-on-experience in the field of C & C++.

Here at GTB Computer Education we provide fully practical based training on live projects. So, that the students can learn each and every concept of programming efficiently. Whenever you decide to learn C & C++ learn from an experienced teacher and certified institute. We are ISO 9001 certified, registered with MSME & also Government registered.

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Course Duration

It will take the time of 2 - 2.5 months to learn the advance concept of C & C++.