Free Industrial Training

Free 6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh / Jalandhar

Many companies come in colleges and offer free training or training with stipend, to attract students. The idea looks great, but has its own disadvantages which are as follows:-

Nothing is free in this world

It means that whosoever is offering free training or training with stipend must be interested in your services for their benefit. If they are offering free training, it means that they are getting free workers for their companies who will work for 8-10 hours for them. They will teach only that part for which they are going to work. That means incomplete knowledge will be imparted to the student and when the student will change the company he will not be selected because he is having incomplete knowledge. Your motive is - saving money? or getting knowledge ? If you spend money, you get knowledge, and if you save money you do not get knowledge. Nothing comes for free, and atleast good quality knowledge never comes for free.

Free is at a Cost

If you are getting training free of cost, then you must be doing something for the company. It might be alright if by doing something for the company gives you a value addition, but in reality it is rarely so. The company will give you smaller works like -

1. Content Writing

2. Data Entry

3. Writing documentation

4. Making Presentations

But where are you learning the coding ? If yes, only that coding which is 20% of the complete knowledge.

Free Industrial Training at GTB Institute, Jalandhar

GTB Computer Education Trainings are not free. We spend time and invest money in preparing the best training schedules and training mode. For us training is a profession. For us training is about right delivery of information. Training is imparting skills in a professional way.