Mean Stack Coaching

Mean is user friendly framework based on JavaScript that is used for building applications and dynamic websites. It is an open source and free full stack framework that allow developers to create quick and organized prototypes of mean based web applications. This framework completely rely on JavaScript. Due to JavaScript used both on client and server side, it is a modern and efficient approach to web development and main advantage of this framework, it can both be used for website and app development. It is same language which powers, which lead to rapid performance.

Why Use

  1. Large Scale Applications with user connectivity
  2. Mobile App Back-End Development
  3. Real-Time Multi-User Interactivity

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Mean Stack Training

Learn from Experts in this field

We are teaching Angular for the last 22 Years+ and our students are placed in MNCs in 1st Attempt, so whenever learn Angular, learn from Experts

Future of Mean Stack

Read some of the stories below-
LinkedIn - With Node.js, they built the LinkedIn app that’s 20 times faster and used fewer resources from 30 servers it was reduced to 3.
Netflix - The Start-up time for Netflix app was reduced by 70%.
PayPal - The Node.js app was built in 33% fewer code and 40% less files.
Uber - The technology optimises itself. So it gets better own it's own.

In addition, other small companies are using Node.js to build scalable and robust products. The reason for popularity of Node.js is the scalability offered by it. Which means product built with Node.js are capable of handling large traffic easily. The popularity of Node.js is so huge that it has become one of the most widely frameworks across the world. Also.. generally, MEAN stack developers are paid better as a fresher which is better than other technologies..

Duration of Course

3 to 4 Months