Software Development Training in Jalandhar

Software Development field is generally relates with the set of activities for designing, implementing & specifying software systems. For developing a software the developer must have knowledge about the programming languages like – C, C++, Java, Python. If you want to continue your carrier in the field of software development then first you have to decide that in which programming language you have interest after that you can understand the coding effectively.

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Learn From Experts

When you are choosing Software Development as your carrier then learn from expert trainers. GTB Computer Education is one of the oldest and well-reputed computer training institute in Jalandhar. We have a team of experts who are passionate towards their work.

GTB Computer Education is the best Software Development training institute in Jalandhar, Punjab with 100% placement support. Our institute provides enormous learning experience to our students with hands on practical training on the live projects.

Languages used in Software development

When you are deciding to make your carrier in Software Development then the first step is to take decision regarding the Language in which you want to make Software development. The first step is to learn C & C++. Then the developer can choose between – Java, Python, .NET etc.

C & C++ ?

C & C++ is first step for learning any Software development Language. We can say that C & C++ is base of any programming language. C is general purpose programming language used to develop system software. C++ is a object-oriented programming (OOP) language.

Java Programming

Java is a software technology that is using everywhere in billions of devices, from mobile phones, to data centres. You can use Java for big data tools like Hadoop and embedded systems like ATMs.

Python Programming

Python is an general purpose programming language. The developer can use Python Programming for Web as well as for developing desktop software also. Python is very useful in developing numeric & Scientific Applications.


The .Net framework is one of the oldest framework which can be used today. ASP.Net is a programming infrastructure that can help the developer to make desktop and web applications.

Duration of learning Software Development

Learning Software development is an easy task if you make a solid base of programming. First you have to decide appropriate Language & the amount you put to learn that language. It will take around 2 to 5 months to learn any software development course on the expert level.